Usage: subliminal [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Subtitles, faster than your thoughts.

  --addic7ed USERNAME PASSWORD    Addic7ed configuration.
  --legendastv USERNAME PASSWORD  LegendasTV configuration.
  --opensubtitles USERNAME PASSWORD
                                  OpenSubtitles configuration.
  --cache-dir DIRECTORY           Path to the cache directory.  [default:
  --debug                         Print useful information for debugging
                                  subliminal and for reporting bugs.
  --version                       Show the version and exit.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  cache     Cache management.
  download  Download best subtitles.

  Suggestions and bug reports are greatly appreciated:

subliminal download

Usage: subliminal download [OPTIONS] PATH...

  Download best subtitles.

  PATH can be an directory containing videos, a video file path or a video
  file name. It can be used multiple times.

  If an existing subtitle is detected (external or embedded) in the correct
  language, the download is skipped for the associated video.

  -l, --language LANGUAGE         Language as IETF code, e.g. en, pt-BR (can
                                  be used multiple times).  [required]
  -p, --provider [addic7ed|legendastv|opensubtitles|podnapisi|shooter|thesubdb|tvsubtitles]
                                  Provider to use (can be used multiple
  -r, --refiner [metadata|omdb|tvdb]
                                  Refiner to use (can be used multiple times).
  -a, --age AGE                   Filter videos newer than AGE, e.g. 12h,
  -d, --directory DIR             Directory where to save subtitles, default
                                  is next to the video file.
  -e, --encoding ENC              Subtitle file encoding, default is to
                                  preserve original encoding.
  -s, --single                    Save subtitle without language code in the
                                  file name, i.e. use .srt extension. Do not
                                  use this unless your media player requires
  -f, --force                     Force download even if a subtitle already
  -hi, --hearing-impaired         Prefer hearing impaired subtitles.
  -m, --min-score INTEGER RANGE   Minimum score for a subtitle to be
                                  downloaded (0 to 100).
  -w, --max-workers INTEGER RANGE
                                  Maximum number of threads to use.
  -z, --archives / -Z, --no-archives
                                  Scan archives for videos (supported
                                  extensions: .rar).  [default: True]
  -v, --verbose                   Increase verbosity.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

subliminal cache

Usage: subliminal cache [OPTIONS]

  Cache management.

  --clear-subliminal  Clear subliminal's cache. Use this ONLY if your cache is
                      corrupted or if you experience issues.
  --help              Show this message and exit.