This module provides the default implementation of the compute_score parameter in download_best_subtitles() and download_best_subtitles().


To avoid unnecessary dependency on sympy and boost subliminal’s import time, the resulting scores are hardcoded here and manually updated when the set of equations change.

Available matches:

  • hash
  • title
  • year
  • series
  • season
  • episode
  • release_group
  • source
  • audio_codec
  • resolution
  • hearing_impaired
  • video_codec
  • series_imdb_id
  • imdb_id
  • tvdb_id
subliminal.score.episode_scores = {'audio_codec': 3, 'episode': 30, 'hash': 359, 'hearing_impaired': 1, 'release_group': 15, 'resolution': 2, 'season': 30, 'series': 180, 'source': 7, 'video_codec': 2, 'year': 90}

Scores for episodes

subliminal.score.movie_scores = {'audio_codec': 3, 'hash': 119, 'hearing_impaired': 1, 'release_group': 15, 'resolution': 2, 'source': 7, 'title': 60, 'video_codec': 2, 'year': 30}

Scores for movies

subliminal.score.equivalent_release_groups = (set(['DIMENSION', 'LOL']), set(['FLEET', 'IMMERSE', 'ASAP']), set(['AVS', 'SVA']))

Equivalent release groups


Get all the equivalents of the given release group.

Parameters:release_group (str) – the release group to get the equivalents of.
Returns:the equivalent release groups.
Return type:set

Get the scores dict for the given video.

This will return either episode_scores or movie_scores based on the type of the video.

Parameters:video (Video) – the video to compute the score against.
Returns:the scores dict.
Return type:dict
subliminal.score.compute_score(subtitle, video, hearing_impaired=None)[source]

Compute the score of the subtitle against the video with hearing_impaired preference.

compute_score() uses the Subtitle.get_matches method and applies the scores (either from episode_scores or movie_scores) after some processing.

  • subtitle (Subtitle) – the subtitle to compute the score of.
  • video (Video) – the video to compute the score against.
  • hearing_impaired (bool) – hearing impaired preference.

score of the subtitle.

Return type: