class subliminal.extensions.RegistrableExtensionManager(namespace, internal_extensions, **kwargs)[source]

:class:~stevedore.extensions.ExtensionManager` with support for registration.

It allows loading of internal extensions without setup and registering/unregistering additional extensions.

Loading is done in this order:

  • Entry point extensions
  • Internal extensions
  • Registered extensions
  • namespace (str) – namespace argument for :class:~stevedore.extensions.ExtensionManager`.
  • internal_extensions (list) – internal extensions to use with entry point syntax.
  • **kwargs – additional parameters for the :class:~stevedore.extensions.ExtensionManager` constructor.
registered_extensions = None

Registered extensions with entry point syntax

internal_extensions = None

Internal extensions with entry point syntax


Return the list of entry points for this namespace.

The entry points are not actually loaded, their list is just read and returned.


Register an extension

Parameters:entry_point (str) – extension to register (entry point syntax).
Raise:ValueError if already registered.

Unregister a provider

Parameters:entry_point (str) – provider to unregister (entry point syntax).
subliminal.extensions.provider_manager = <subliminal.extensions.RegistrableExtensionManager object>

Provider manager

subliminal.extensions.refiner_manager = <subliminal.extensions.RegistrableExtensionManager object>

Refiner manager