Source code for subliminal.providers.napiprojekt

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging

from babelfish import Language
from requests import Session

from . import Provider
from .. import __short_version__
from ..subtitle import Subtitle

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_subhash(hash): """Get a second hash based on napiprojekt's hash. :param str hash: napiprojekt's hash. :return: the subhash. :rtype: str """ idx = [0xe, 0x3, 0x6, 0x8, 0x2] mul = [2, 2, 5, 4, 3] add = [0, 0xd, 0x10, 0xb, 0x5] b = [] for i in range(len(idx)): a = add[i] m = mul[i] i = idx[i] t = a + int(hash[i], 16) v = int(hash[t:t + 2], 16) b.append(('%x' % (v * m))[-1]) return ''.join(b)
[docs]class NapiProjektSubtitle(Subtitle): """NapiProjekt Subtitle.""" provider_name = 'napiprojekt' def __init__(self, language, hash): super(NapiProjektSubtitle, self).__init__(language) self.hash = hash self.content = None @property def id(self): return self.hash
[docs] def get_matches(self, video): matches = set() # hash if 'napiprojekt' in video.hashes and video.hashes['napiprojekt'] == self.hash: matches.add('hash') return matches
[docs]class NapiProjektProvider(Provider): """NapiProjekt Provider.""" languages = {Language.fromalpha2(l) for l in ['pl']} required_hash = 'napiprojekt' server_url = '' subtitle_class = NapiProjektSubtitle def __init__(self): self.session = None
[docs] def initialize(self): self.session = Session() self.session.headers['User-Agent'] = 'Subliminal/%s' % __short_version__
[docs] def terminate(self): self.session.close()
[docs] def query(self, language, hash): params = { 'v': 'dreambox', 'kolejka': 'false', 'nick': '', 'pass': '', 'napios': 'Linux', 'l': language.alpha2.upper(), 'f': hash, 't': get_subhash(hash)}'Searching subtitle %r', params) r = self.session.get(self.server_url, params=params, timeout=10) r.raise_for_status() # handle subtitles not found and errors if r.content[:4] == b'NPc0': logger.debug('No subtitles found') return None subtitle = self.subtitle_class(language, hash) subtitle.content = r.content logger.debug('Found subtitle %r', subtitle) return subtitle
[docs] def list_subtitles(self, video, languages): return [s for s in [self.query(l, video.hashes['napiprojekt']) for l in languages] if s is not None]
[docs] def download_subtitle(self, subtitle): # there is no download step, content is already filled from listing subtitles pass