Source code for subliminal.extensions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from pkg_resources import EntryPoint

from stevedore import ExtensionManager

[docs]class RegistrableExtensionManager(ExtensionManager): """:class:~stevedore.extensions.ExtensionManager` with support for registration. It allows loading of internal extensions without setup and registering/unregistering additional extensions. Loading is done in this order: * Entry point extensions * Internal extensions * Registered extensions :param str namespace: namespace argument for :class:~stevedore.extensions.ExtensionManager`. :param list internal_extensions: internal extensions to use with entry point syntax. :param \*\*kwargs: additional parameters for the :class:~stevedore.extensions.ExtensionManager` constructor. """ def __init__(self, namespace, internal_extensions, **kwargs): #: Registered extensions with entry point syntax self.registered_extensions = [] #: Internal extensions with entry point syntax self.internal_extensions = internal_extensions super(RegistrableExtensionManager, self).__init__(namespace, **kwargs)
[docs] def list_entry_points(self): # copy of default extensions eps = list(super(RegistrableExtensionManager, self).list_entry_points()) # internal extensions for iep in self.internal_extensions: ep = EntryPoint.parse(iep) if not in [ for e in eps]: eps.append(ep) # registered extensions for rep in self.registered_extensions: ep = EntryPoint.parse(rep) if not in [ for e in eps]: eps.append(ep) return eps
[docs] def register(self, entry_point): """Register an extension :param str entry_point: extension to register (entry point syntax). :raise: ValueError if already registered. """ if entry_point in self.registered_extensions: raise ValueError('Extension already registered') ep = EntryPoint.parse(entry_point) if in self.names(): raise ValueError('An extension with the same name already exist') ext = self._load_one_plugin(ep, False, (), {}, False) self.extensions.append(ext) if self._extensions_by_name is not None: self._extensions_by_name[] = ext self.registered_extensions.insert(0, entry_point)
[docs] def unregister(self, entry_point): """Unregister a provider :param str entry_point: provider to unregister (entry point syntax). """ if entry_point not in self.registered_extensions: raise ValueError('Extension not registered') ep = EntryPoint.parse(entry_point) self.registered_extensions.remove(entry_point) if self._extensions_by_name is not None: del self._extensions_by_name[] for i, ext in enumerate(self.extensions): if == del self.extensions[i] break
#: Provider manager provider_manager = RegistrableExtensionManager('subliminal.providers', [ 'addic7ed = subliminal.providers.addic7ed:Addic7edProvider', 'legendastv = subliminal.providers.legendastv:LegendasTVProvider', 'opensubtitles = subliminal.providers.opensubtitles:OpenSubtitlesProvider', 'podnapisi = subliminal.providers.podnapisi:PodnapisiProvider', 'shooter = subliminal.providers.shooter:ShooterProvider', 'thesubdb = subliminal.providers.thesubdb:TheSubDBProvider', 'tvsubtitles = subliminal.providers.tvsubtitles:TVsubtitlesProvider' ]) #: Refiner manager refiner_manager = RegistrableExtensionManager('subliminal.refiners', [ 'metadata = subliminal.refiners.metadata:refine', 'omdb = subliminal.refiners.omdb:refine', 'tvdb = subliminal.refiners.tvdb:refine' ])