Subliminal uses click to provide a powerful CLI.

class subliminal.cli.MutexLock(filename)[source]

MutexLock is a thread-based rw lock based on dogpile.core.ReadWriteMutex.

class subliminal.cli.Config(path)[source]

A ConfigParser wrapper to store configuration.

Interaction with the configuration is done with the properties.

Parameters:path (str) – path to the configuration file.
path = None

Path to the configuration file

config = None

The underlying configuration object


Read the configuration from path


Write the configuration to path

class subliminal.cli.LanguageParamType[source]

ParamType for languages that returns a Language

class subliminal.cli.AgeParamType[source]

ParamType for age strings that returns a timedelta

An age string is in the form number + identifier with possible identifiers:

  • w for weeks
  • d for days
  • h for hours

The form can be specified multiple times but only with that idenfier ordering. For example:

  • 1w2d4h for 1 week, 2 days and 4 hours
  • 2w for 2 weeks
  • 3w6h for 3 weeks and 6 hours